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Attendees of the Typographics conference get a 10% discount on Type@Cooper’s workshops from June 12–22.

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  • Sign Painting with John Downer
    Sign Painting with John Downer

    This class will focus on rendering a few particular styles of capital letters that were commonly used in American sign painting during the 20th century. Script lettering will be addressed in the final day and a half.

    Mon–Thur, June 12–15, 9am–4pm
    Details and registration

  • Grids & Grits with Tânia Raposo
    Grids & Grits with Tânia Raposo

    In this workshop we will go through the history of the different grid methods, we will be using pencil and tracing paper to analyse in-use grids from magazines and books, and you will learn how to create grids and how to keep your text aligned to it in Adobe InDesign.

    Mon, June 12, 9am–4pm
    Details and registration

  • Type Selector with Tânia Raposo
    Type Selector with Tânia Raposo

    In this 1-day workshop you will learn how to look at typefaces up close to analyse their details and why they matter, how to pick the best typeface for your project and how pair it with others. You will have a better insight about language support, legibility studies, different kinds of typeface financing and logistics.

    Tue, June 13, 9am–4pm
    Details and registration

  • Micro Typography with Tânia Raposo
    Micro Typography with Tânia Raposo

    In this 1 day workshop you will acquire typographic skills on the micro level — how to solve intricate typographic hierarchies, and how to fine-tune long passages of text. You will learn how and when to use various kinds of dashes, get acquainted with OpenType features and get to know all the strange characters in your glyph palette.

    Wed, June 14, 9am–4pm
    Details and registration

  • Spencerian Lettering with Ken Barber
    Spencerian Lettering with Ken Barber

    Not to be confused with the handwriting of the 1800s, Spencerian Lettering is a unique style of hand-drawn script innovated during the latter half of the 20th century. Its lively forms, embellished strokes and distinctive styling make Spencerian Lettering especially well-suited for posters, labels, book jackets, editorial work and advertisements. In this workshop students will learn how to create and implement Spencerian Lettering for various design applications.

    Mon–Tue, June 19–20, 9am–4pm
    Details and registration

  • Brush Lettering with Ken Barber
    Brush Lettering with Ken Barber

    This two-day workshop will provide a basic overview of freehand brush lettering. Referencing various tools, techniques and models, participants will hone their drawing skills as they take a wordmark from concept to completion. Comprehensive slide presentations, demonstrations, skill-building exercises and personal critiques will provide further guidance as students acquire a practical foundation for drawing and implementing brush lettering in various design contexts.

    Wed-Thu, June 21–22, 9am–4pm
    Details and registration

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