Typographics — Designing a Process for Design with Martin Venezky

Designing a Process for Design

with Martin Venezky

In the last several years, the work I make and the pleasure I get from making it has been closely tied to the way I’ve designed and outfitted my studio. It is really more of a laboratory than an office. The materials and machinery that surround me, the order and disorder, all contribute to work that joyfully substitutes process for concept.

This talk is scheduled for Friday, June 16, 2017, at 11:00am as part of the main Typographics conference schedule. You must register for the Typographics conference to attend.

About Martin Venezky

Martin Venezky

Martin Venezky first gained renown in 1995 for the design of Speak Magazine. With his firm Appetite Engineers, Venezky continues his dedication to craft, process and detail while colliding the handmade with the digital. In 1997, he was among I.D. magazine’s “ID40” list of influential designers. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has honored Venezky with a solo exhibition, and his monograph,
It Is Beautiful…Then Gone, is published by Princeton Architectural Press. Venezky has produced illustrations for The New York Times and Wired, and installations at the Silicon Valley Facebook and Adobe campuses. Recently, his book design for the wildly popular Wes Anderson Collection, and its followup, The Grand Budapest Hotel, has earned him new fans.

Venezky has maintained a long-standing interest in process and abstraction, which have held prominence in his graphic design work. His recent experiments have resulted in new bodies of work in photography, drawing, and installation.

Venezky earned an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1993. Since then, he has taught at RISD, CalArts and ArtCenter and, for over 23 years, at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, where he is currently Professor in the Graduate Design Program. In 2015 Venezky was inducted into the esteemed Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI).

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